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Closing a business deal


Explore some of the projects that we delivered to clients over the past year.


Luxury hotel


Hotel Valuation

The owner of a medium-sized luxury hotel tasked us with estimating the valuation of their recently renovated property. Our team put together a DCF analysis considering factors such as occupancy rates, RevPAR, and the demographics of their target market. We utilized dynamic assumptions to show our client the impact that certain aspects of their operations have on the value of her hotel.









  • Financial Model - DCF

  • Report - Key Valuation Drivers

City skyscrapers


Public Company Analysis

A retail investor reached out to us to get a valuation estimate for a group of ~20 stocks he was interested in purchasing. Our team utilized various methodologies, including DCF and multiples, to provide an estimation of each company's intrinsic value. We also constructed a scenario analysis to provide our client with an understanding of how each stock may fare under varying economic conditions.






  • Three-Page Report on Each Company

  • Valuation Football Fields

US government building


Voter Trends

We got the opportunity to work with a political campaign during the 2022 primary election analyzing voter trends and demographics. This particular candidate was trying to flip a seat from one party to another. Our team conducted research and put together detailed reporting on the areas in the state most likely to flip from one party to another. This state ran particularly tight along party lines so it was imperative for the campaign to understand where to focus their efforts and what towns were lost causes.


  • Analysis - Historical Voting Trends

  • Analysis - Strength of Down Ballet Voting

  • Report - Areas to Target

  • Model - Pricing of Potential Inventory

Rare wine bottles


Product Pricing and Inventory Management

A wine merchant came to us with the problem of spending too much of his time pricing current and potential inventory. Our team built him a spreadsheet, linked via API to the Wine-Searcher database, that notifies him when his products are outside of a certain limit to market prices (e.g. 10%). We also built him an automated dashboard to provide insights into his inventory at any point and a model to price any potential inventory being considered for purchase.


This has diminished our client's time spent on pricing by 93%, allowing him to dedicate more time to sales and customer relations.


  • System - Pricing of Current Inventory

  • Dashboard - Overview of Current Inventory

  • Model - Pricing of Potential Inventory

Application coding


Application Launch

A publicly traded fintech company contacted us to build a custom model that forecasts how a new app offering would impact their bottom line. This required us to work closely with management to determine what the "ideal" user looked like based on transaction amounts, frequency, etc. This would serve as the foundation of an operations and cash flow summary that provided insights such as breakeven points, funding requirements, segment profits, and valuation of the app as a whole.


  • Custom Model 

  • Training Session on Using the Model

  • Report - Key Drivers of Program Profits

Data server room


Data Aggregation and Dashboard

A Boston-based startup contracted with us to build a dashboard that aggregated a selection of databases generated daily by their system. We built them a spreadsheet that inputs all of their messy reports and outputs a clean insightful overview of that data. Some of these insights include the best- and worst-performing products, profitable and unprofitable customers, customer churn, and active users at any given point.




  • System - Linking Reports to Dashboard

  • Dashboard - Insights About Operations

  • Training on Using the System

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